Able to look beyond the numbers to see the underlying patterns and trends. Kissya Consulting works closely with brand owners to define a target market, formulate effective marketing strategies and identify new business opportunities in order to positively impact bottom-line profitability and communicate a brands ’story in a concise and engaging.


Kissya Consulting creates bespoke campaigns designed to communicate a brand’s story offline & online. Kissya Consulting has worked closely with numerous luxury brands from launch, using a combination of methods to help them attain the global positioning from which they benefit today.

Business development

Defines the right business approach for your brand and product by understanding the market environment and customer requirements. Kissya Consulting is able to build long-term relationship..

Public Relations

Public Relations remain central to Kissya Consulting’s approach. My longstanding relationship with Internal PR agencies and key industry players allow Kissya Consulting to develop and deliver iconic campaigns, create credible brand narratives. 




Kissya Consulting initiates strategy for brands across digital platforms including online titles, blogs and influencers. Kissya Consulting also works with brands on wider social media strategy.


Kissya Consulting can create any kind of copy in French & English. Our copywriting service includes crafting long and short form copy for products; press releases, training materials, web copy, packaging copy, blog posts and features.


“Storytelling” is in Kissya Consulting’s DNA as we know that by telling their brand story well, companies have the power to increase the value of a product or services. Kissya Consulting helps company to have a clear leadership with a vision that is both innovative and intuitive.


Kissya Consulting creates inspiring media-friendly and consumer events and experiences grounded by audience, cultural and industry insight. Working from concept to delivery Kissya Consulting directs and produces memorable events that affirm values and foster long term brand advocates.

Project Management

Kissya Consulting can help in managing projects from inception through to completion and is able to efficiently manage change.